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The Moonville Tunnel


In one of Ohio's densest wooded areas, there is an old railroad tunnel with ghostly legends. One hold the tragic story of a young woman. In 1905, she was going to visit her lover when she was struck and killed by a passing train. Today her ghost still walks around The Moonville Tunnel.


A collaborative work between Laszlo G. Nagy and Boroka Nagy.

All videos are High Definition, please adjust playback to HD on control bar.



Dedicated to all those who have been reborn after an abusive relationship.


BORN expresses the transformation of a woman. Her story unfolds through a shattered relationship, where love parallels abuse. Will she have the strength to take the situation in her own hands, and choose freedom instead of restraint? Through her anger and her dance, we witness the birth of an independent woman.

Oublier le temps


Official Selection at the Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival 2014.


Shot on a 16mm film and video. 


A short dance film about memory and love.Through her floating shadow, a young woman is transported between the parallels of her reality and the reality of her memories.



The investigation of silence and noise and their correlation to conscious/subconscious and sanity/insanity. Which connects to which? Is there such thing as silence?




A glimpse into the mind of composure.

Dr 104


The mind of a scientist projects inner turmoil in creating his work of art. A dark comedy.



A short dance film, which examines the way in which dance is an expression of human elements. This film is an exploration of the dancer as a human being, who is not detached from society, but with every movement attached to it.

This film is a "paraphrasis" of the everyday rhythm to life that is like a dance in and of itself.


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